Top 5 Riddles for Kids: Engaging and Fun Brain Teasers with Answers

Riddle for Kids and their Curious Parents

Riddle solving is a great way to bond with our kids. Facing a challenge, each will probably think of a different solution, we can share with each other our results and our thinking process. You won’t believe how many times our kids will surprise you with their thinking. 

Wait, What makes riddles for kids different?

Just like regular riddles for grownups, riddles for kids use logic, real world cases and multiple ways to fail with the answer. But when we formulate riddles for kids we make sure math skills are kept to the right level, proper language and kids friendly cases are top of mind. We also made sure all riddles came with answers and the process  to get it. It should allow a follow up discussion with our kids and get that extra benefit.

Top 5 Riddle for Kids with Answers

We've curated the top 5 riddles for kids, carefully selected to tickle their brains and bring smiles to their faces. Are you ready to challenge them? Let's dive in!


Crossing The River - Link

Nature holds many mysteries, and the Crossing The River riddle will captivate kids' imaginations and creativity. This riddle challenges their ability to listen carefully and think differently. 

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100 Lockers - Link

This one is definitely a hard riddle for kids, so you probably should take the challenge together. Let your children's mind shine with the 100 Lockers riddle! This riddle will make them calculate and try to find a pattern all the way to the answer. 

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Split The Bucket - Link

Join your kids on a logic quest with the Split The Bucket riddle. This riddle takes young minds on a challenging ride where they'll strengthen their problem-solving skills, exercise their creativity, and experience the joy of overcoming challenges.

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One Flashlight For All - Link

Calling all creative thinkers! One Flashlight For All riddles will put you and your kids' strategic mind to the test. Take a spin and try to solve this challenging riddle.

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Balance The Scale - Link

Get your head ready for this challenging logic riddle. Like all great riddles, it combines a simple tactic and multiple scenarios to apply.

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Pro Tip:

Use this page as your encore page to go through the  whole list. To make it even simpler, on each riddle answer page you will find a way back here too. 


Enjoy Riddle(ing)!

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