Riddles for Kids and their Curious Parents No.2

Riddles for Kids and their Curious Parents No.2

It’s a known fact that a good riddle would take somewhere between three to ten minutes to get solved. It’s also common that kids would be able to solve riddles much faster than their parents using their sharp logical instincts. Let’s try it out.

Riddle Name: Crossing the River

Complexity Level: 2 of 5


The riddle goes like this. You’re in a tropical jungle exploring the great mysteries nature has to offer. You’re followed by a friendly Tiger, a Rabbit and a bag of Carrots for you to eat along the way.

The Challenge

You’ve got to a point where you must cross a river. You have found a small boat that can carry you and only one of the objects. The Tiger, the Rabbit or the Carrots. The challenge is that if you choose to take the Tiger for example (leaving the Rabbit alone with the Carrots), The Rabbit will eat the Carrots. So the Carrots can’t stay with the Rabbit and the Rabbit can’t stay with the Tiger. Note that Tiger can stay with the Carrots though.

Solving the Riddle

Take a moment to let it sink and come up with the answer. In the meantime, if you feel like this riddle was too easy for your kid or you just want to increase the challenge, we recommend you check out some hard riddles for kids, like our favorite Split the Bucket riddle.


Now, If you’re ready with the answer, check yourself with the answer.

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