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Two Cats and a Rabbit

Two Cats and a Rabbit - Space Wonder

Two Cats and a Rabbit - Space Wonder

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About Space Wonder

** Our Best Seller **

Give your child a gift full of 'a-ha'! We made Space Wonder for the curious kids out there. This multi-purpose exploration game carefully designed to develop attention skills, discovery and a fun parent-child play time.

Key Features 

Play, Memorize, Learn. Play as a memory game, extend knowledge while playing, earn points and win. We've also packed Marty, Nina and Winston (our two cats and a rabbit) for the journey.

 Comes with beautifully designed 18 fascinating space objects like Space Stations, Gravity, Astronauts and more (total 36 play cards).

 Yep! You'll find special edition cards of our two cats and a rabbit. Our beloved trouble-squad is coming along to our little space travel.

 Plus, each object comes with kids friendly interesting facts and mind opening exploration cards (additional 18 cards). You'll be surprised to learn some new things yourself.

It might take their mind away from their Tablet, Roblox and YouTube for a while.

▧ While you get comfortable, here are some embarrassing dad jokes

▧ We're on a mission to inspire kids, and we're just getting started . Read more

How to Play

Setup. Set the (White) Play Cards on any surface facing down.

Play. Flip any 2 cards in turns. Found a match? Perfect!

Learn. Pick the relevant (Green) Exploration Card and read out loud.

▧ Win. Earn 1-point for any match. A Cat will get you 2-points and the Rabbit is 3-points. Keep score and determine the winner at the end!

▧ Bonus - Quiz. Take the (Green) Exploration Cards with you when you go on a trip, long drive or camping and use it as a quiz game. "who's the largest planet in our solar system"? 

  • made with love
  • family, kids age +5
  • free shipping
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play & learn

  • With Kids, for Kids

    head-scratches, laughs and start overs, we’ve crafted a truly fun brain juice.

  • Made for Learning

    we’re brewing topics from the edge of our planet. simplifying it into magical 'a-ha' moments.

  • Screenless, Real Experience

    we’re not a tech company, just a simple game company. no artificial intelligence, just real curiosity.

get a sneak peek.

All cards have a minimalist black and white design. Carefully designed for kids to focus on details rather than noisy colors.

for the curious kid.

Advanced topics, simplified. Aims to ignite their imagination and encourage follow up learning.

more details.

The game suitable for kids?

Absolutely. We made effort to simplify topics and make it enjoyable for all above the age of 5. That includes you as well.

How do I set the game up?

The game is simple. Shuffle the white play cards and place on a surface turning down. Stack the colored description cards on the side.

Where can I find the game rules?

Each game has it's own rules. You'll find them at the back of the package.

Where can I find the cats and the rabbit?

Fantastic question. Each game comes with cards of our two naughty cats and a clumsy rabbit. Find them and get extra points.