on a mission.

“We believe kids have this amazing energy and curiosity in their spirit. Sadly, screens took over their attention.

Together, we can challenge that

Let's win their attention back, one kid at a time “

Two Cats and a Rabbit - Space Wonder

our best selling game. play while exploring space, gravity, the solar system and more. buckle up, we're taking off.

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more brain boosters

challenge your kids with advanced topics. play while exploring our Space, the Jungles or the great Coral Reef.

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family play time. family explore time.

spend quality play time together. learn new topics, encourage child curiosity and exploration.

  • Karimah. "Great for a Sunday morning activity."

  • Susie. "The boys loved the space theme!"

  • Sharon. "So i guess we need to get them a telescope now."

  • Adam. "Reading the exploration cards was interesting and funny."

Testing Your Brainpower: The Top 5 Riddles for Curious Families!

Unlock Challenging Riddles for Kids (and Parents) that Will Test the Limits of Your Family's Minds!

Challenge Accepted!

your witty questions.

The game suitable for kids?

We made effort to simplify topics and make it enjoyable for all above the age of 5. That includes you as well.

How do I play the game?

The game is simple. You play it like a memory game, explore the cards topics and earn points to win the game!

More details at the product page.

Where can I find the cats and the rabbit?

Fantastic question. Each game comes with cards of our two naughty cats and a clumsy rabbit. Find them and get extra points.

I had this dream I forgot. Can you help me remember it?

Easy. You were chased down by a giant cheesecake with only a small tea spoon to defend you.

I ran out of fun ideas to do with my little one. Any help?

Hmm.. we've gathered some of our best creative friends and asked for their fun activities with kids. Read it here.

Do you ship to the US only?

Yeah, we are very small at the moment and take it one step at a time. But, fear not. We're growing, and soon we'll launch more locations.

Is it true that you also deliver a milk-free milkshake?

No, that's not true. Wait, that's not such a bad idea..

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