Our Mission

We're a mission driven group powered by a community of parents.

one kid at a time.

The journey is long, but together we can. Let's make an end to these:

▧ 1.7 hours a day with the tablet

▧ Finishing up youtube's library

▧ Screen light before sun light

▧ online chatting instead of real world play

▧ Unsupervised content

▧ Inappropriate language

▧ Children online violence

Let's inspire them with real experiences instead. Let's Promote:

▧ Real connections

▧ Sunlight play time

▧ Outdoors experiences

▧ Learning through play

▧ Get curious

▧ Ask complicated questions

▧ Develop interest in new topics

▧ Equal opportunities

▧ Parent - Child challenge solving

  • Michael. "That look in their eyes!"

  • Karimah. "Great for a Sunday morning activity."

  • Rachel. "I just loved the explanations for each of the cards."

  • Sharon. "So I guess we need to get them a telescope now."

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Two Cats and a Rabbit - Space Wonder

Super fun family card game. Play and Learn about Space, our Solar System, Gravity and much more about our fascinating universe.

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family play time. family explore time.

quality family play time. learn new topics, encourage child curiosity and exploration.

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