Answer - Riddles for Kids and their Curious Parents No.1

Answer - Riddles for Kids and their Curious Parents No.1

That was a real something, right? If you’re here, we hope that it means that you have the answer to our Balance The Scale Riddle (or just curious to find out the answer to that tricky one).

Solving the Riddle

The Short answer, you can determine which ball is the heaviest in just 2 (two) weightings. 

Let’s walk through the explanation 

Step 1 - 

Divide the nine balls into three groups of three balls each (Group A, Group B, and Group C). Weigh Group A against Group B. If they balance, then the heavy ball is in Group C. If Group A is heavier than Group B, then the heavy ball is in Group A. Same if Group B is heavier than Group A. 

Step 2 -

Take the group that contains the heavy ball (e.g., Group A). Divide it into three individual balls. Sounds familiar, right? Weigh two of the balls against each other. If they balance, then the heavy ball is the third ball that was not weighed. If one of the two weighted balls is heavier, then that ball is the heavy ball.

Ooooch! That was a tricky one. Hope it made some electricity movements in that head of yours.

What’s Next?

Just like a bowl of cereal, you can’t wait to have some extra bowl once finished.

Go ahead and check out our list of 5 Best Riddles for Kids. We are sure you’ll find a perfect match to your curiosity. You can go straight to some of our favorite riddles, Crossing The River or Split The Bucket if you haven’t done so already.

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